Things I’ve done

My Loneliness is Killing Me (script). Short. Two men, both lonely in their own way, hookup for a brief, sexual encounter and find the intimacy they both need. Directed by Tim Courtney. Winner: Bafta Scotland Award (Best Short Film).

‘The Other Team’ (short story). Published in PROUD. A ragtag football team support their trans star player. 

We Were Always Here: A Queer Words Anthology (editor).

Station Road (script). Pilot episode. Drama series. Three squabbling sisters are trapped in their hometown when all the men die in mysterious circumstances. The sisters must unite to solve the mystery – and get out. Longlisted in BBC Writersroom’s Drama Script Room 2017.

Monster (script). Pilot episode. Comedy series. A career-driven twentysomething suffers a nervous breakdown and discovers the monster that lived under his childhood bed is still there – and only he can see him. Shortlisted for the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum 2014.

Real Life Experience (script). Pilot episode. Young adult comedy series. A young transman starts his final year of school, socialising as a boy for the first time. ‘Highly commended’ by Kate Rowland, Jon Plowman and Sophie Clarke-Jervoise for the Trans Comedy Award 2013.

Grabbing (script). Pilot episode. Drama series. On her wedding day, a gypsy girl realises she’s marrying the wrong man. Longlisted for the Frank Deasy Award (BBC Scotland).

The Last Will and Testament of Alasdair James McKay (script). Short play. Dark comedy. Alasdair James McKay’s family gather after his funeral for his final challenge: the last one to take their hand off his coffin takes home his fortune. Performed at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, in October 2014. Directed by Sasha Kyle.

‘Last Night’ (short story). Published in Hide It, IdeasTap’s anthology of young adult fiction.

Other writing credits

February 2014Time Travel’, Fraochy Bay, BBC Alba (transmission: October 2014)

March 2013 Between Floors (web series), Ink Media (in development)

October 2012 Once Upon A Crime, CBBC (in development)

October 2011 River City (Shadow Writing Scheme)

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