Last Night

I have a (long) short story in Mardibooks’ young adult anthology, Hide It!

If you like: i) road trips, ii) non-threatening boys, iii) gay/straight bromances, iv) riding in shopping trolleys and/or v) the phrase ‘Moody Judy’, you’ll probably get something out of it.

The story is based on a short film script I wrote a couple of years ago. It was only the second screenplay I’d ever written, recycling character’s I’d created for my first, and telling their story, two years on. I entered it into Channel 4’s Coming Up, and got some really nice feedback, which spurred me on to write another.

You can read the first couple of pages of ‘Last Night’ on the Amazon page – clicky clicky – but here’s the first bit of it, to whet your whistle:

Last Night

Ross stepped out onto the wet pavement, the heavy doors of the nightclub closing behind him, shutting in the music and the lights before they escaped.

The wind whipped around his shoulders and crept up the inside of his thin shirt before he’d had a chance to zip up his jacket.

A group of skinny boys stood on the pavement nearby, waiting for a taxi, chatting quietly with each other.

‘Light?’ Ross interrupted. He motioned lighting a fag with his thumb and grinned.

The skinny boys patted down their pockets – chests and bums – and offered him three lighters.

Ross smiled, a toothy, boyband smile, and knew he was irresistible.

He picked one, a clean-shaven indie boy with long hair and dimples, lit his fag.

‘Good night?’ asked the boy. Ross nodded and handed back the lighter.

This was how it went between boys, Ross had realised. The pausing and the waiting, the awkward, stunted conversation as each waited for the other to make a move.

He liked it.


Tiny Screenplays: Pizza


MICHAEL – 20s, yes really, in jogging bottoms and a stained t-shirt – opens the door from inside his flat.

A pizza DELIVERY GUY – 20s, handsome, the kind of guy that used to beat Michael up at school – stands in the doorway. He hands over a blue carrier bag, a pizza box.

DELIVERY GUY: (Mumbling) Enjoy your meal.

MICHAEL: Thanks, you too!